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aww biscuits
05 January 2013 @ 10:33 am
this seems an odd time to post here again after so long a silence, but hockey is locked out and my life is frigging amazing right now and i didn't really have anywhere else to squee about this, so:

my ladyfriend bought me a roku for my birthday and my very own netflix account for christmas so while i was loading up my instant queue with ancient classics like jem and the holograms and the episode of espn's 30 for 30 on the red sox winning the series in 2004, i stumbled upon the faculty.

last night i re-watched it.

barely minutes in, i had a deep, visceral memory flash of caseyzekedelilah and lo, a search of the internet jogged my memory once again that wax_jism wrote in the wee fandom of the faculty one of the greatest fics of all time: void.

all you really need to know is that casey is elijah wood, zeke is josh hartnett, and delilah is jordana brewster.

go read it.
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aww biscuits
16 June 2011 @ 06:10 pm

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aww biscuits
05 February 2010 @ 04:42 pm
went to practice this morning. it was awesome. the highlights, though, happened off the ice before practice got started. passing right in front of us in various stages of not-wearing-hockey-gear (lots of boys in tall socks and cotton shorts and long-sleeved TIGHT t-shirts):

- johnny boychuk (best ass, hands down)
- tuukka (wearing a hoodie with the hood up; recognized from a distance by his chicken legs and sharp cheekbones)
- wides (in his robe with "bmw" on the back; much to the amusement of my companions, he and i had a head-nod-and-"hey" conversation the second time we saw each other after practice)
- zee (SO BIG)
- matty hunwick (holy christ so hot)
- d-mo (who said "good morning" to us; he was in jeans. HOLY GOD.)
- stuey (in a black cast)
- marco (shoulders!)
- michael ryder (who said, "it's freezing in here, eh?" as he jogged past)

best. practice. ever.
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aww biscuits
31 January 2010 @ 11:28 am
bruins are on some sort of skid, aren't they? reports have last night's game at least being "fun" (and worth one point which is > no points). missed it, of course; thanks, work. one of these days i will watch my boys and they will work their tails off for me like i know they can - the last game i was able to watch in full was the OT win in san jose. more of that, please - WITH LESS TIME IN BETWEEN BIG EFFORTS. oh, hockey.

in other news, hey, where did january go? i'll be finding out in part today as i go through my january receipts and poke at my budget spreadsheet. JOY. today is day one of the new fiscal year at the bookstore, too, so - new beginnings all over the place. had a wonderful time with my dad in minnesota last week - the highlight was catching the first period of high school hockey between my alma mater, jefferson, and our crosstown rival kennedy. jefferson eventually won the game 14-1; two kids had hat-tricks. i saw three goals - including one off a penalty shot - and some pretty tilted ice. it was awesome; so many old memories came flooding back as i pushed open the rink doors. suddenly i was sixteen again and desperately in love with ben clymer. SIGH.

i've been doing a little prompt-y writing on the side these days, nothing publishable by a long shot, but as a return-from-long-silence treat, i thought i'd share one of the things i hatched last week. pure silliness, but fun to do.

the strange noises grew louder.Collapse )

ok, so, um, i'll try to at least say hi more often around these parts. ;D

also: GO BRUINS.
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aww biscuits
23 December 2009 @ 07:39 pm
there was a surprise waiting for me at home after work today. i did not win winter classic tickets from entering the drawing at my local ups store, but i won a signed bruins puck! it was on my doorstep when i got home! who wants to help me figure out whose autograph this is? :D

puck pics!Collapse )


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aww biscuits
putting up my christmas icons here on lj is about as far as i got on decorating this year. on sunday morning i finally fished my box of christmas stuff out of my back closet, so it is now open on my kitchen floor, but i've gotten no further. hmm. the stockings might not get hung this year. i made it to one sunday of advent at church (the first!) but none of the others. oops?

in related news, WORK IS BEAUTIFUL INSANITY. today is day seven of nine-in-a-row. :D i am exhausted but in good spirits.

bruins looked good last night, after looking not-so-good - apparently - in four games in a row that i did not get to watch due to the beautiful insanity that is my work.

speaking of which, it is now time to head in. I MISS YOU GUYS.
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aww biscuits
10 December 2009 @ 06:42 am
training day! or, the day when jenny gets to head into western connecticut to learn from another store manager how to do some ... stuff! after a scenic two-hour drive! (which is why i am up and on the 'net at 6:30 having already showered and dressed. whoo hoo! wish me luck.)

in other, more fun news: bruins toy shopping! this just in: SAVVY IS A DORK. also, WHEELS. tuukkaaaa gets a pass, and so does rydes - they each play more or less silent roles - and stuey is actually silent. looch wins, too, of course, BUT SAVVY OH MY GOD.


i'm off!
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aww biscuits
hullo, all. i think i'm back!

here's a smattering of catch-up type things:

life continues to be a beautiful mix of work insanity and pre-christmas festivity. the whole b&n world is a-buzz about nook; i'm saving up my pennies just in case santa does not bring me one. WANT.

one of my birthday gifts was tickets to the bruins/lightning game last wednesday. my original seats were awesome, but then a pair of seats on the glass, um, opened up, right next to the other friends we were at the game with, SO I SAT ON THE GLASS. AT THE BLUELINE. FOR TWO WHOLE PERIODS. i went from having no goal-songs the last time i was there to having the guys in the booth be behind in blasting the horn, there was so much awesome scoring. (ok, not as much as when the leafs were in town, but still!) man, do i love that hockey team. i also love savvy's new contract and the fact that he scored a hat-trick saturday night to celebrate it.

while we're speaking about love, let me announce that i also totally love justin bourne's blog. i'm sure all you hockey-fan kids out there are already keeping track of him, but if you aren't, do. he is a great writer, and funny, and he tells behind-the-scenes stories about hockey life like no one else. (you also gotta read the comments each time - when his old teammates chime in, man, it is priceless.)

ok, back to my second-to-last day off between now and christmas.

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aww biscuits
03 December 2009 @ 04:05 pm
radio silence ends briefly for fic purposes! ;D

for the friends not hanging out at 2mins4slashing, may i share:

Title: No Place Like
Author: jennyagain (with a generous pinch of help from eleanoraq)
Pairing: Matt Hunwick/Blake Wheeler (Boston Bruins)
Rating: R
Summary: Conveniently in the Twin Cities to play the Minnesota Wild on Wednesday, November 25, Matt tags along with Blake for Wheeler Family Thanksgiving.
Disclaimer: The following is for entertainment purposes only. Real people, places, and things appear, but the work is complete fiction, and there is no intent to defame, insult, or slander. No money is being made. Any and all errors belong solely to the author.

Feel good to be heading home, Wheels?Collapse )
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aww biscuits
13 November 2009 @ 11:14 am
peeking in from radio silence to say that i went to the bruins game last night and MARK RECCHI FLIPPED ME A PUCK DURING WARM-UPS. it looks awesome on my bookcase here in my office next to the ball joe the security guard gave me at fenway last summer, the one pedey put into the monster seats during bp. last night my friend suzanne was like "can you smile at someone else so i can get one, too?"

pretty awesome.
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